Spring Forum

Event Schedule

8:00-9:00   Registration and Continental Breakfast.  Roundup by Prof. Peter J. Schubert, LCRE Director

9:00-9:50    Opening Remarks:  Wally Tyner, Professor, Purdue University “Framing the Issues:  How Economics Interconnects Energy and the Environment” (CONFIRMED)

9:50-10:10    Professor Gabriel Filippelli, IUPUI Earth Sciences Department  – “The Economic Impact of a Polluted Environment” (CONFIRMED)

10:10-10:30  Joe Lukens, Workhorse.com (CONFIRMED), “Seeking and Nurturing Breakthroughs in Cleantech”

10:30-10:45   Networking, Refreshments

10:45-12:00     Panel 1: Policies and Technologies for Demand Reduction & Alternate Generation

Moderator:        Peter Schubert, Lugar Center for Renewable Energy, IUPUI

This sessions assembles speakers to talk about recent developments that have the potential to affect energy consumption patterns and behaviors, especially electricity. Demand-side topics such as the rise in energy efficient appliances and buildings, smart meters/grids technology, or time-of-day pricing policies are discussed, along with criteria for new projects and their financing. Panel discussants will draw connections to Indiana and its neighbors and consider impacts on existing generation fleets and transmission infrastructure.          


  • Joan Soller, Indianapolis Power & Light (CONFIRMED)
  • Juan Pablo-Sesmero, Purdue University (CONFIRMED)
  • Cali Curley, SPEA, IUPUI (CONFIRMED)
  • Josh Cisney, Hoosier Energy (CONFIRMED)

12:00    Lunch and Speaker:  David Konisky, IU, SPEA (CONFIRMED) – Environmental justice issues related to energy production and consumption – national perspective and Indiana impact

12:30-1:30      Panel 2: Externalities of Energy Generation

Moderator:        Peter Schubert, Lugar Center for Renewable Energy, IUPUI

This session will focus on the sustainability of energy production in term of greenhouse gas emissions, water quality and quantity as well as environmental/energy justice issues.  Discussion will include thinking on how to incorporate non-costed consequences of energy production, and how currently-included costs are undergoing changes in regulation at the federal level.


  • Jim Wheeler, PDQ (CONFIRMED)
  • Leigh S. Raymond, (CONFIRMED)
  • Pierre Jacinthe, IUPUI CEES (CONFIRMED)
  • Mindy Mallory, UIUC, Agricultural and Consumer Economics (CONFIRMED)

1:30-2:40    Panel 3:   Energy Supply Economics and Energy Market Analysis

Moderator:        Owen Wu, Kelley School of Business, IU Bloomington

This panel focuses on the economics of various energy generation technologies, including curtailment and limits of distributed generation penetration focusing on the following questions:

  1. How will the supply portfolio evolve in the next decade or two, based on the pure economics and also related to subsidy policies?
  2. What are the implications and opportunities for Indiana jobs, and businesses?
  3. What are the impact of distributed generation (on-site generation, may include heat as well, e.g. CHP), distributed energy storage, microgrids on the economics of the energy supply?


  • Pete Grills, Bingham, Greenebaum, Doll, LLP (CONFIRMED)
  • Jessica Harrison, MISO (CONFIRMED
  • Scott Baker, PJM (CONFIRMED)
  • Ken Perkins, First Farmers Bank  (CONFIRMED)

2:40-2:55    Networking Break, cookies

2:55-3:55    Panel 4:    Energy and Sustainability

                   Moderator:        Peter Schubert, Lugar Center for Renewable Energy, IUPUI

This panel addresses the impacts of energy generation/consumption on the environment, including air, water, agriculture, focusing on science, and issues of national security, resilience against fuel shortages, impact of balance of trade, with examples from around the globe.

  1. How are different technologies compare in terms of the life-cycle impact on the environment? 
  2. What is the best path toward both economic and environmental sustainability? 
  3. What wake-up calls might we expect?


  • Jessica Davis IUPUI Sustainability (CONFIRMED)
  • Bill Beranek – Indiana Environmental Institute, Inc. (CONFIRMED)
  • Jerome Dumortier, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, IUPUI (CONFIRMED)
  • Dan Ferber, Executive Editor - Grand Challenges, Springer Nature (CONFIRMED),

3:55-4:55  Panel 5:    Trends and Outlook: Emerging Markets, Opportunities, Lessons Learned

Moderator:        Jerome Dumortier, SPEA, IUPUI

What are the impacts of recent developments on the future of sustainable energy production, manufacturing, and operations.  What are the economic drivers and how are they trending.  What opportunities lie ahead and how can our audience members position themselves to participate.  How are renewable projects formulated and what considerations are important in developing projects.  What are some successes, failures, or projects-in-motion and what factors affect the outcome? 


  • Brian Furrer, Bio Town AG  (CONFIRMED)
  • Jon Schalliol – The Heritage Group  (CONFIRMED)
  • Ali Razban, Mechanical Engineering, IUPUI (CONFIRMED)
  • Kurt Koehler, Founder & President, AlGalCo (CONFIRMED)

4:55-5:00                              Closing Remarks:  Prof. Peter J. Schubert, LCRE Director, IUPUI

5:00                                        Professional Credits certificates awarded, networking

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