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The Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy uses five research laboratories in the School of Engineering and Technology to further the development of novel technology for advanced batteries, hydrogen storage, and fuel cells. These labs are devoted to materials preparations, property characterization, and cell making.

Combustion and Propulsion Research Lab

Location: ET109

The Combustion and Propulsion Research Laboratory (CPRL) at IUPUI was established to advance novel technologies and basic research to support clean, safe, and efficient combustion processes and propulsion systems.

Innovative combustion technologies are being investigated for revolutionary engines with remarkably low energy consumption and environmental impact, reduction of noise in home furnaces, and avoiding fire disasters in spacecraft and buildings. Applications of combustion research include electric hybrid vehicles, electricity power plants, furnaces, and all types of aircraft engines.

Sophisticated optical diagnostic methods and high-fidelity computational methods are applied to fascinating and potentially useful oscillatory combustion.


  • Wave Rotor Ignition Rig
  • Oscillatory & Pulsed Combustion Rig
  • Flame Diagnostic Instruments
  • Wave Rotor Combustion Rig

Electrochemistry and Material Synthesis Lab

Location: IUPUI: ET116


  • Solartron Electrochemical (1287 and 1470) interfaces and impedance (1260) analyzers
  • Pine instrument Bipotentiostat
  • Veeco's Nanoscope III Scanning Probe Microscope
  • Glove-box for Li-battery research

Fuel Cell and Battery Assembly and Testing Lab

Location: IUPUI: ET114A


  • Hot press equipment for making membrane electrode assembly
  • Ethanol reformer to generate hydrogen
  • Fuel cell testing equipment
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